We are practicing family dentistry with all the new and advance procedures in the field. Our goal is to provide to the patients all the new innovations and technologies for the best treatments plans and the most effective.

New Technology just arrived at our office:

Traditional syringe techniques utilized in routine intraligamentary injections are hampered by the blind nature of the injection, the extreme pressures generated in local tissues during the procedure, and the relatively small volume of anesthesia able to be reliably delivered. These factors have resulted in reduced duration of anesthesia, unnecessary collateral anesthesia and increased pain associated with tissue damage. The The Wand® Computer Assisted Anesthesia System takes the guesswork out of the administration of anesthetic by providing real-time visual and audible feedback via the CompuFlo system with DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing technology. During an injection with the The Wand® Computer Assisted Anesthesia System, the CompuFlo system with DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology continuously monitors the exit pressure of the anesthetic in real-time during all phases of administration.

Our procedures include:

Cosmetic Dentistry If you’re interested in correcting minor flaws in your smile we can help. Your teeth may be stained from years of coffee or wine drinking that has dulled your smile. We can help with an in-office or at-home plan to whiten them. Veneers and bonding can help correct minor flaws and gaps and will improve your smile.

Cleaning is a word that has been misused to identify a procedure that is routinely completed on a patient that is free of disease or has a healthy mouth. The appropriate word for this type of “cleaning” is prophylaxis, which is the specific type of cleaning that most insurance companies cover two times per year. There are several different types of “cleanings” that are recommended by the dentist and hygienist depending on the patient's oral health. To determine which type of “cleaning” is prescribed for you, please ask your dental professional.

Deep Scaling and Root Planing (SRP): The meticulous removal of plaque and calculus from tooth surfaces.

Sealants: Thin resin material bonded in the pits and fissures of back teeth for the prevention of decay.

SIMPLE FILLINGS with white resins.

FILLINGS with porcelain materials (inlays, onlays)

CROWNS made with the most new materials out of zirconia ceramics.

Porcelain Crown: An all-porcelain restoration that covers the coronal portion of tooth (above the gum line).

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crown: A restoration containing metal coping for strength covered by porcelain for appearance.

Porcelain Inlay or Onlay: A tooth-colored restoration made of porcelain and cemented or bonded in place.

VENEERS for the best smile (using the last innovation with almost no alteration of the tooth). A thin layer of porcelain, fabricated by a laboratory and bonded to a natural tooth to replace lost tooth structure, close spaces, straighten teeth, or change color and/or shape.

BRIDGES without metal to avoid discoloration of the gum line. ll be expertly fitted by one of our specialists. No more worrying that the crown or bridge is going to be ill fitting or look unnatural.

DENTURES and PARTIALS with or without metal frame. Whether you have lost teeth due to decay or an accident, we can help you feel confident and get you smiling again with properly fitting dentures. Let us work with you to determine what method works best for you.


ROOT CANALS  We provide specialist in our office for the convenience of the patients.

IMPLANTS We are provide in our office specialist for convenience of our patients.

An artificial device that replaces the tooth root and may anchor an artificial tooth, bridge or denture.  

Incision and Drainage: The surgical incision of an abscess to drain suppuration (pus).
Bleaching: Chemical or laser treatment of natural teeth for whitening effect.

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